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Football Guide

The Game

Soccer basics Explains the origin, the basic rules, the different types of soccers, jersey numbers, field dimensions, etc.

Football history learn more about the evolution of football: find out about its origins, greatest moments, and key events.

Soccer rules An easy step by step guide to understand the laws of the football game.

Soccer tactics How to identify & study the different tactics & strategies of football, positions explained, formations, etc.

Football goalkeeper What are the rules that apply, specifically, to the goalie in soccer, their equipment & training.

Soccer referee Explains the roles & responsibilities of a football official; the career, training & equipment.

Hall of fame & shame

Famous football players and legends Learn more about the life & career of the greatest soccer players in history.

Football controversies Get a better understanding of the most unforgettable tragedies, scandals, and controversies in soccer history

World football competitions

Football World Cup Get a better understanding of the most famous sporting event in the world. All you have to know about the FIFA World Cup or Mundial.

Football by country

Italian football Discover Italian football & explore one of the most eminent nations of football.

European football A country-by-country guide to the different football-playing nations of Europe

Footbal kit

Soccer balls Find out all that you have to know about the football ball: the official size & weight, materials, history, evolution...

Football shoes Look into the world of soccer cleats, the most important gear in football. Catch on with the latest model & find the right football shoes for you.

Soccer way of life

Football quizzes Challenge yourself & your friends by answering original & fun soccer trivia games. Test your football knowledge in all elements of the game.

Football video games From the pitch to the PC, consoles & smartphones, soccer's popularity has conquered the world of gaming. Find more about how association football has become a genre of its own in video gaming.

Latest Football Articles

Brazil vs Germany World Cup 2014: A national humiliation, Germany crashed the Brazilians hearts by astounding them to a 7-1 defeat at home, in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi final, on 8th July.

GLT, soccer goal-line technology explained, How soccer GLT is used during official football matches, plus information & video on the first goal awarded with the help of goal decision technology.

Soccer Yellow Card Rules, What offenses or conducts merit a football yellow penalty card? Find out with this article that discusses the rules, the history and the controversies of the soccer caution.

List of all soccer articles: complete archive of articles, information & tips!..Check out our online soccer glossary