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Football Guide 

The Game

Soccer basics Get acquainted with the game of football through this guide for starters. Interesting articles about the basic how-to's of soccer, simplified for newbie fans and players.

Football history learn more about the evolution of football: find out about its origins, greatest moments, and key events.

Soccer rules An easy step by step guide to understand the laws of the football game.

Soccer tactics Identify & study the different tactics & strategies of football.

Football goalkeeper Get a better insight into soccer goalkeeping. Find out what are the rules for goalies, their equipment, and training.

Soccer referee Discover what it takes to become a football official: equipments, training, roles and responsibilities...

Hall of fame & shame

Famous football players and legends Learn more about the life & career of the greatest soccer players in history.

Football controversies Get a better understanding of the most unforgettable tragedies, scandals, and controversies in soccer history

World football competitions

Football World Cup Get a better understanding of the most famous sporting event in the world. All you have to know about the FIFA World Cup or Mundial.

Football by country

Italian football Discover Italian football & explore one of the most eminent nations of football.

European football A country-by-country guide to the different football-playing nations of Europe

Footbal kit

Soccer balls Find out all that you have to know about the football ball: the official size & weight, materials, history, evolution...

Football shoes Look into the world of soccer cleats, the most important gear in football. Catch on with the latest model & find the right football shoes for you.

Soccer way of life

Football quizzes Challenge yourself & your friends by answering original & fun soccer trivia games. Test your football knowledge in all elements of the game.

Latest Football Articles

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English football quiz Test your knowledge on English Soccer, by answering the following questions. Have fun!

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List of all soccer articles: complete archive of articles, information & tips!..Check out our online soccer glossary

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