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Direct free kick vs indirect free kick, Learn more about the two types of free kick in football.

Who created soccer, find out what are the origins of the great game of football.

Soccer laws questions & answers game, play this quiz game about football rules and find out how much you can score.

How to understand soccer ref’s hand gestures, look into this complete & illustrated guide to the hand signals of football referee

Soccer pass back to goalkeeper law explanation, football back pass rule made easier to understand: simplified soccer information on the rule meaning and violations.

Football injury period, learn stoppage time rules, when it can be applied, and whether it used in football variants.

Football throw-in rules, how to do a soccer throw-in properly: Article that will guide you on the rules in throwing a ball in.

How to kick-off in football, a step by step guide on how to do a proper kickoff in soccer

Basic soccer laws, what are the main football rules? Take a close look at the basic football regulations.

Tallest & shortest soccer player ever,

Swiss soccer,

Norwegian soccer, get a better understanding of football in Norway.

Portuguese soccer, Checkout this complete but short guide to Portuguese football.

Swedish soccer, take a quick look at everything you have to know about football in Sweden.

Croatian Soccer, Learn more about football in Croatia, league system, greatest football players, etc...

Romanian soccer, get a better understanding of football in Romania thru this helpful guide

Diego Maradona's cheat goal against England, learn more about the infamous "Hand of God" goal of Diego Maradona during the 1986 World Cup.

Annoying vuvuzela horns, take a closer look at the infamous football horn of the Soccer World Cup: the vuvuzela

Honduras & El Salvador soccer war, learn about the cause and effects of the 1969 Football War in Central America.

Andres Escobar’s own goal, look into the tragic story of Andres Escobar’s own goal and how it may have ended his life.

Soccer shirt numbers and positions, get a better understanding of football jersey numbers: from their history to the famous players associated with them.

Forms of soccer games, identify the different types of football by knowing the basic characteristics of each one.

Football red card laws, soccer red card rules help you know the offences that can dismiss a player. Know the penalty, limit, and some red card stats through this football information.

Classic soccer formation, explore the strategies and tactics of old football formations

Football goal post size, know the goal dimensions for each football variant and age group.

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