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¼ final
The quarter-final, played among eight teams, the four winners will advance to the semi-final

½ final
The semi-final, the stage before the final; played among four teams, the two winners in each pair advance to the final

1/16 final
The group stage in the World Cup, where 32 teams are divided into eight groups of four teams each; the top two teams in each group advance to the next round

1/8 final
The knock out stage of the World Cup where 16 teams which survived the group stage face each other; one loss in this stage automatically eliminates a team

The football jersey number often assigned to the starting goalkeeper

The jersey number that is traditionally given to the most skillful player of a team, often playing in the attacking midfield or forward position

The traditional number of the winger assigned on the left-hand side of the field

1-2 pass
Another name for the wall pass, where one player passes the ball to a teammate and receives it after getting past the opponent defense

12th player
A crowd that actively supports a team during the game, called such because they seem to provide the help of an additional player

The penalty box, called such because it extends 18 yards from the goal line; sometimes simply referred to as “18” or big box

1st attacker
The player in possession of the ball

The squad number traditionally assigned to the right back, the defensive player assigned on the right flank

2nd attacker
The teammate closest to the player in possession of the ball during an attack

The jersey number traditionally worn by the left back, the defensive player that covers the left flank

An old football formation popularized by Arsenal in 1925, through legendary English manager Herbert Chapman; also called W-M and sometimes listed as 3-2-2-3

A modern football formation played with three defenders, four midfielders, and three forwards

A football formation popularized by Brazil, works as 5-3-2 in defense

A formation often utilized by teams with many talented strikers

The basic formation of modern English football

The more defensive variant of 4-3-3; although these two formations are listed differently, they are essentially the same

50/50 ball
A loose ball which two players from opposing sides have an equal chance of winning

A very defensive football formation, which assigns five defenders, four midfielders, and only one attacker

6-yard line
Alternate reference to the goal box, called such because it extends six years from the goal line

The jersey number traditionally assigned to the right winger or right midfielder

The jersey number often assigned to the most talented scorer of a team

(a) Short reference to the part of the goal where the crossbar and goalposts intersect;
(b) 90 minutes, the full-time of a standard football match

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