Best football players

Who are the greatest footballers of all time. Get to know the life and illustrious careers of the most notable and famous soccer player legends in all the history of association football.

Best soccer player ever

Look into the career and achievements of the ten greatest football players of all time.

FIFA Ballon d'Or winners list

The complete list of all the best footballers to win the Ballon d'Or award, formerly known as the "European Footballer of the Year" award.

The top 10 best European football players of all time

List of the top footballers in Europe that had a remarkable career and became household names.

Top 10 best football managers of all time

The performance and ultimate success of a team is largely dependent on a manager's contribution; here is our list of the 10 best football managers.

Top 10 best soccer strikers of all time

Check out our list of the best football goalscorers of all time, their achievements that made them legends.

Top 10 World Cup Goal Scorers

We list the best goal scorers of the football world cup since the first ever tournament, check our list.

UEFA European Championship top 10 goal scorers

Our list of the ten best scorers in UEFA Euro Championship, ranked according to the number of goals they made.

UEFA Champions League top 10 goal scorers

The 10 top leading goal scorers in UEFA Champions League, career defining moments and the number of goals they made.

Top ten best midfield players of all time

List of the most brilliant midfielders that solidified their names & become football greats.

World Cup Top 10 midfielders

The best midfielders in the history of FIFA World Cup that played defensive roles and have responsibilities between scoring and defending.

UEFA European Championship top 10 midfielders

The top 10 best midfielders in European Championships, there personal success, hardwork and contributions to the sport.

Best football defenders ever

These top 10 greatest soccer defensive players not only brought championships to their teams but also redefined the roles of a defenseman.

Top 10 goalkeepers of all time

Our listing of the best football goalies to ever play the game.

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