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Zinedine Zidane headbutt

Look into the biggest scandals, match-fixings, and tragedies in the history of soccer

Maradona's hand of god goal, take a close look at one of the most controversial goal of the football World Cup.

Andres Escobar own goal
get a better understanding on how Andres Escobar’s death was caused by an own goal.

The Vuvuzela horn in football,
learn more about the vuvuzela horn, the trumpet that creates an annoying bee-like sound in soccer games.

1969 Football War, take a closer look at the “Soccer War” between Honduras and El Salvador.

Soccer scandals & controversies trivia test, find out how much you know about scandalous & controversial moments in football through this quiz.

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Biggest football scandals & disasters
Soccer controversies, fuss