Football controversies

Get a better understanding of the most unforgettable tragedies, scandals, and controversies in soccer history.

Zidane head butt story

Zidane head butt story, learn more about the most famous controversy in soccer world cup history during the Mundial 2006 in Germany.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup 2014: A national humiliation

Brazil vs Germany World Cup 2014: A national humiliation, brazil defeated 7-1 as the host of the 2014 Mundial received from Germany the most embarassing defeat in World Cup's history.

Maradona's hand of god goal

Maradona's hand of god goal, take a close look at one of the most controversial goal of the football World Cup.

Andres Escobar own goal

Andres Escobar own goal, get a better understanding on how Andres Escobar’s death was caused by an own goal.

1969 Football War

1969 Football War, take a closer look at the “Soccer War” between Honduras and El Salvador.

Top 5 bad boys in football

Top 5 bad boys in football, the players that made their reputation at stake through their aggressive acts inside and outside the football field. Learn the reason why they became infamous.

Hooligan Phenomenon in European Soccer

Hooligan Phenomenon in European Soccer, Read about the history and origin of football hooliganism; which football club supporters showed the most violent and unruly behavior during a soccer match.

Soccer scandals & controversies trivia test

Football controversies quiz, find out how much you know about scandalous & controversial moments in football through this quiz.