European Football

A country-by-country guide to the different football-playing nations of Europe

Football in Bulgaria

Football in Bulgaria, look into the world of Bulgarian soccer: their history, league system, national team, greatest players, stadiums, and hooligans.

Football in Romania

Football in Romania, explore the world of Romanian soccer: their history, league system, national team, and greatest players.

Football in Finland

Football in Finland, discover soccer in Finland and find out what you have to know about Finnish soccer.

Football in Croatia

Football in Croatia, take a quick look at eveything tou have to know about soccer in Croatia.

Football in Portugal

Football in Portugal, learn more about soccer in Portugal, best clubs, history of the national team, etc...

Football in Sweden

Football in Sweden, football is definitely the most popular sport in Sweden. Learn more about soccer in Sweden, its history, greatest players, Swedish clubs, and major stadiums

Football in Norway

Football in Norway, in Norway football is the most popular sport. Explore the football world in Norway, Its history and other interesting facts that you might have not known before.

Football in Greece

Football in Greece, the history of Greek Soccer starts in 1866. Explore the world of soccer in Greece, some of the best Greek footballers, stadiums and clubs.

Football in Switzerland

Football in Switzerland, soccer is the most popular sport in Switzerland. Check out detailed information about Swiss football, some great Swiss soccer players, football clubs and stadiums.