Football History

Where football originated? How this amazing game has evolved? Info on soccer's greatest historical moments, key events and best players of all time?

Who invented football

Soccer has a long and glorious history that goes to as far back as the ancient civilizations.

Different types of football

distinguish the different variants of soccer that were derived from the original

Who invented the soccer ball?

what are the origins of the soccer ball and how it evolved over the year? Who is the inventor of the modern soccer ball?

Most expensive football transfers ever

the top 10 most valuable soccer player transfer in history listed in this article with the amount of the transfer.

Tallest & shortest football players ever

find out what is the height of the tallest and shortest footballer in history, as well as their career and achievements.

History of Soccer in the USA

learn how the game of soccer was introduced in USA and how the Americans organized the sport

Football history quiz

how much can you score in this soccer history question and answer game?

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