Football Quizzes

Football history quiz

Football history quiz, test how much you know about the origin & history of soccer through this trivia game.

Football rules quiz

Football rules quiz, test how much you know about soccer laws through this questions & answers game

Football World Cup quiz

Football World Cup quiz, challenge yourself & your friends by trying to answer the questions of our soccer World Cup trivia game.

Football tactics quiz quiz

Football tactics quiz, test your expertise on soccer strategies through this question & answer game.

Football scandals quiz

Football scandals quiz, play this questions & answers game about controversies in soccer and find out how much you can score.

Football players quiz

Football players quiz, questions and answers on great footballers: find out how well you can score in this trivia game.

English football quiz

English football quiz, test your knowledge on English Soccer, by answering the following questions. Have fun!

French football quiz

French football quiz, test your knowledge on French soccer through this trivia test.

German football quiz

German football quiz, 10 questions about German soccer, how much can you score?

Italian football quiz

Italian football quiz, test your level of knowledge when it comes to Italian soccer by answering the 10 questions of this football quiz.

Spanish football quiz

Spanish football quiz, Try out this trivia game and test your knowledge on Spanish soccer.

Brazilian football quiz

Brazilian football quiz, an online trivia game to measure how much you know about Brazilian soccer.

Argentine football quiz

Argentine football quiz, a simple question and answer article about football information in Argentina.

American soccer quiz

American soccer quiz, how much do you know about soccer in US? Take this simple test to check.

African football quiz

African football quiz, find out how much you can score on this soccer Africa trivia game.

Asian football quiz

Asian football quiz, so you think you know everything about football in Asia? Think again.

Football coach quiz

Football coach quiz, test how much you know about soccer managers through this questions & answers game.

Women's soccer quiz

Women's soccer quiz, try out the following quiz to test your knowledge on women's football

Football goalkeeper quiz

Football goalkeeper quiz, play this fun trivia game about famous soccer goalies.

UEFA European Championship Quiz

UEFA European Championship Quiz, see how well you know about the European Competition by answering these 15 easy questions.