Soccer referee

Discover what it takes to become a football official: equipments, training, roles and responsibilities.

Soccer referee responsibilities

Soccer referee responsibilities, know what are the responsibilities of the referees in football and understand how they handle a soccer game.

Football referee hand signals

Football referee hand signals, get a better understanding of the hand signals of football officials.

Assistant referee flag signals in soccer

Assistant referee flag signals in soccer, get a better understanding of the flag signals of football linesmen.

GLT, soccer goal-line technology explained

GLT, soccer goal-line technology explained, when referees should use football GLT and how this new goal decision system was applied for the first time during 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

How to Become a Soccer Referee

How to become a soccer referee,learn how you can prepare yourself in getting a football ref certification

Soccer referee equipment

Soccer referee equipment, what are the gears & accessories football officials need? Find out through this helpful guide.