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Soccer Rules

The whistle and the red and yellow cards help the soccer referee enforce the rules.

Get a better understanding of the football laws

Main football rules, what are the basic soccer laws? Get a better understanding of the soccer laws and regulations through this simple guide.

Soccer field dimensions & markings, distinguish the different markings on a football pitch and their measurements.

How many players are on a soccer team? Know how many players are fielded in an official soccer game. Learn about FIFA rules and the number of players in different variants of soccer.

Soccer goal dimensions, find out what is the official goal size for football and for its different variants.

Soccer kickoff rules, learn how to make a legal kickoff in football through this beginners’ guide.

Soccer red card rules
, football red card laws are important parts of the rules of soccer. Understand how it works, the offenses punishable with a red card, and the penalties.

Free kick rules in soccer, find out what is the difference between direct and indirect free kick in football.

Soccer throw-in, football throw-in rules made easy: dummies companion to throwing a ball inbounds in football.

Soccer stoppage time, quick information on injury time: Football stoppage period extends the game and gives players additional time to score.

Football back pass rule, soccer pass back to goalkeeper law explanation: essential guide for football fans and starting players.

Meaning of football official’s hand signs, check out this simple guide on how to understand a soccer ref’s hand signals.

Understanding the assistant football officials’ flag signals
, identify the different flag signals the linesmen use to enforce the rules of soccer.

Football laws & regulations trivia test, find out how much you know about soccer rules through our questions & answers game.

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