Soccer rules

There are 17 soccer laws in place today. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is the rule-maker. They meet annually and their decisions are mandatory for all national football associations around the world.

The 17 basic soccer rules

Main football rules

What are the basic soccer laws? Overview of the 17 basic rules in soccer.

Soccer kickoff rules

Learn how to make a legal kickoff in football through this beginners’ guide.

Soccer red card rules

Football red card laws are important parts of the rules of soccer. Understand how it works, the offenses punishable with a red card, and the penalties.

Soccer yellow card rules

Understand the rules that governs the football yellow penalty card; plus information on its history and some controversial calls.

Football penalty kick rules

Get a better understanding of the rules that govern the soccer penalty shootouts; plus highlights into its history, the techniques involved and the top penalty-takers of all time.

Free kick rules in soccer

Find out what is the difference between direct and indirect free kick in football.

Soccer throw-in

Football throw-in rules made easy: dummies companion to throwing a ball inbounds in football.

Soccer stoppage time

Quick information on injury time: Football stoppage period extends the game and gives players additional time to score.

Football back pass rule

Soccer pass back to goalkeeper law explanation: essential guide for football fans and starting players.

Soccer foul and misconduct explained

Learn the rules of the foul in soccer, the different types of offence; obstruction, tackles, holding, tripping & their punishment.

The advantage rule in soccer explained

Know how the rule works and how it is being applied in the field of play.

Offside rule in soccer

Read about the most frequently misunderstood and revised rule in football.

Football field and goal dimensions

Soccer field dimensions & markings

Distinguish the different markings on a football pitch and their measurements.

Soccer goal dimensions

Find out what is the official goal size for football and for its different variants.

Football players

How many players are on a soccer team?

Know how many players are fielded in an official soccer game. Learn about FIFA rules and the number of players in different variants of soccer.

Football jersey numbers

What are the traditional methods of assigning jersey numbers in soccer game?

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