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Nike mercurial vapor III, one of the world's best football cleats

Three soccer shoes you ought to buy: guide to choosing the best football cleats for you

Soccer cleats are the most important gear of a footballer. Football shoes affect how footballers dribble, pass, receive, and shoot the ball. The weight of soccer shoes affect the stamina of players, just as the materials they are made of affect comfort.

There are so many football cleat brands out there so we handpicked the best for you.

The top three the best men’s football shoes are: Adidas Predator Power Swerve football boots (A), Nike Mercurial Vapor III (B), and Puma King XL (C)

A. Adidas Predator Power Swerve

Predator power swerve by Adidas is a popular choice among strikers because it improves the curve and speed of the ball.  

The predator power swerve soccer boots come with different specifications. There is one with microfibre upper while another with kangaroo leather. Players who prefer speed and lightness will benefit best from the microfibre uppers while those who want the best fit and feel should choose k-leather.

There is also a predator football cleat filled with tungsten. Strikers can benefit from Tungsten-filled midsoles since powdered Tungten increases the shooting power of players. The Tungsten-filled variant weighs 320 grams.

For midfielders who want a lighter pair of soccer cleats, they can choose the power swerve without Tungsten. This football boot weighs only 280 grams.

The outsole has several variants as well to suit different playing conditions. There is a firm ground (FG) soccer cleat variant, another for soft ground (SG), and the hard ground (HG) type. The HG variant can also be used as turf soccer shoes.

Anderson, David Beckham, and Steven Gerrard are just some of the players who have worn the predator power swerve.

B. Nike Mercurial Vapor IIINike Mercurial Vapor III: the best football shoes for wingers and midfielders.

Nike Mercurial Vapor III was released in 2006 and has since become a favorite. Its upper is made of the patented Teijin synthetic leather, which has a similar feel to genuine leather. Its anatomic design molds to the feet of the wearer for optimum fit.

The heel cup of the Mercurial vapor III is made of carbon fiber to protect against impacts when the heel is hacked. The midsole is also plated with carbon fiber to make it more solid, thus increasing power for every kick.

Nike mercurial vapor III is the best football shoes for wingers and midfielders. Yossi Benayoun and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the players who wear this soccer cleat.

Puma King XL, an all around boot, is one of the best soccer cleats in the marketC. Puma King XL

Puma King is the most popular shoe in the history of football. It has been worn by the best soccer players like Johann Cruyff, Diego Maradona, Eusebio, and Pele. Its classic design and superb quality makes Puma King a constant choice for the best football shoes for men.

In 2008, Puma redesigned the all-time favorite soccer cleat to celebrate its 40th year since its first release. And so, the Puma XL was released. (XL is the Roman numeral for number 40.)

The Puma XL is made of fine and ultra comfortable Pittard kangaroo leather that provides the most excellent feel for the ball. Puma XL has 12 conical studs, which makes it perform uncannily on firm surfaces. Its silicon heel counter gives excellent protection against tackling without adding much weight to the soccer shoes.

The sole of Puma XL is broader compared to the football boots manufactured by Nike and Adidas, making them ideal football shoes for players with wide feet.

The Puma XL is a highly versatile football shoe, and can be worn by players of any position.

The best soccer cleats for men summary

  • Adidas Predator Power Swerve: adds power and swerve to a kick, best football boots for forwards, wingers, and kick takers
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor III: perfect football shoes for midfielders, fantastic feel and very light
  • Puma XL: best soccer cleats all around, highly durable and outstanding feel for the ball
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This article is about: The best football boots in the world. A guide for the top three soccer shoes ever, a list of great football cleats for defenders, midfielders, and strikers.

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