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Soccer Field Dimensions & Markings

football pitch parts and dimensions

Identify the different parts of a football pitch, their measurements, & what their markings are for

The dimensions are specified in Law 1 of the official FIFA Laws of the Game. According to FIFA rules, the standard length of a football pitch should be between 90-120 meters (100-131 yards) while its width is from 45-90 meters (49-100 yards).

Football fields used in international matches have similar measurement to the league pitches. The minimum dimensions are 100 by 64 meters (110 by 70 yards) while the maximum dimensions are 110 by 75 meters (120 by 80 yards).

To help you understand better the markings on a football pitch, let us name them one by one and enumerate their uses.

The touchline

The touchline is the line at the side of the football field, hence, it is also called the sideline. The length of the touchline is also the length of the football field. If the ball goes out in this part of the pitch, the game will be restarted with a throw-in.

Goal line

The goal or end line is the line at the end of the pitch, which defines its width. If the ball goes out of the end line and an attacking player is the last to touch it, the game will be restarted with a goal kick. If a defending player is the last to touch the ball before it crosses the goal line, the game with be restarted with a corner kick.

Halfway line

The line that crosses the football field in the middle is called the halfway line. This has no technical use but only serves to divide the playing field into two equal halves.

Center circle

The center circle is the big, round demarcation on the middle of the playing area. Its radius measures 9.15 meters or 10 yards. During the kickoff, only two players can be inside this area, the one doing the kickoff and the teammate receiving it.

Center spot

Also called center mark, this is the bold line in the middle of the center circle, where the ball is placed during kickoff.

Penalty box

Also called the penalty area or the 18-yard box, this is the big box located at each end of the playing field. It measures 16.5 by 40.32 meters (18 by 44 yards). A foul against an attacking player committed inside the penalty box is punishable with a penalty kick.

Penalty spot

The penalty spot is the bold circle inside the 18-yard box where the ball is placed during penalty kicks. Its distance from the goal line is 11 meters (12 yards).   

Penalty arc

The penalty arc is the half circle on top of the penalty box. During a penalty kick, no player is allowed to be inside it.

Goal box

The small box inside the penalty area is known as the goal box. Also called the six-yard box, goal kicks are taken from anywhere in this part of the football field.

Corner arc

The semi-circles at each corner of the playing pitch are called corner arc. The ball is placed anywhere in this area during a corner kick.

Technical area

A box is drawn in front of each team’s dugout. It is called the technical area and one person at a time is allowed to shout instruction from there.

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This article is about: The size of a football field, find out the measurement of its lines in meters and yards as well as the dimensions. View this picture diagram of a soccer pitch that has a layout for its area. Learn the standard outline of a graphic soccer field for its clipart or template. Know how big is a regulation football field, its lining, and uses.

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Football pitch dimensions, measurements
Football pitch dimensions, measurements