Soccer Ball Sizes

Identify the right football size for your age group or the type of soccer that you play

The three official soccer ball measurements: size 3, 4, & 5

The soccer ball used in professional leagues and in the FIFA World Cup is called “size 5”. The following are the specifications of an official size 5 soccer ball:

However, the size 5 soccer ball is not used at all times. The soccer ball sizes for official match use vary according to the type of soccer being played or the age group of players. Below are the soccer ball circumference for different age groups and game variations.

A. Kids’ & youth soccer ball circumference


B. Ball sizes for other forms of footballA comparison of the dimensions of a beach soccer and futsal ball


C. Special soccer ball sizesThe size 1 & 2 soccer balls, also called mini-ball, are often given to toddlers

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