Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 World Cup 2014

Germany defeated the Brazilians by astounding them to a 7-1 defeat at home, in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi final, on 8th July.

Germany vs Brazil World Cup 2014The home team was under pressure, especially after having a rather unsatisfactory performance earlier in the competition. It was the second time that Brazil was hosting the FIFA World Cup, with the first time being in 1950.

At the semis, they were set to face one of the tournaments’ favorites, Germany. Without doubt, this was expected to be one heated up match, full of expectations for both sides. Well, no one could have closely predicted what an eventful day it would turn out to be.

Qualifying For the Semi-Final

Miroslav Klose of Germany against David Luiz of BrazilThe Samba Kings clinched victory over Chile at the knock out stage through a penalty shootout and later gave a better performance to beat Colombia, their quarter finals opponents. On the other side, Germany had a rewarding, steady performance during their campaign. They emerged top of their group and went on to knock out Algeria. The win against France at the quarters meant they were going to face Brazil next.

Both teams reached the semi final with an unbeaten record. Either team stood a chance to outweigh the other. But there were concerns with the Brazil squad as they were going into the match without two of their key players. Thiago Silva, the team captain and defender had been suspended after accumulating two yellow cards while the sensational forward, Neymar, had sustained a fractured vertebra during the game against Colombia, ruling him out for the remaining part of the tournament.

Looking back, playing without the two crucial players was a major blow for the team. More so since they were going to play the team with a record four-consecutive semi finals and Brazil was only playing its first semi final after their 2002 World Cup win. However, the previous time that Brazil lost a semi final match in the World Cup was in 1974. It won all the six semi finals it qualified for in the later years.

History Was Made

On this incredible day, records were broken and history was set. The seven goals scored by Germany were the most to be scored by a team at the semi final stage in World Cup history. The six-goal margin was the largest margin victory in the semi final of FIFA World Cup competition, and was double of the previous record margin.

Thomas Muller scored the first goal of the match in the 11th minute to equal his tally in the previous World Cup tournament. A few minutes later, the Germans scored four goals in 6 minutes, with Toni Kroos bagging two goals. The first half ended in 5-0, making it an impossible task for Brazil to beat the mean German team. Oscar pulled one back for the Brazil team in the dying minutes but this was not enough to save them the humiliation. Hearts were broken, dreams were shuttered and tears were shed.

  • 11'  -  Thomas Müller    (Germany 1  -  0 Brazil)
  • 23'  -  Miroslav Klose     (Germany 2  -  0 Brazil)
  • 24'  -  Toni Kroos          (Germany 3  -  0 Brazil)
  • 26'  -  Toni Kroos          (Germany 4  -  0 Brazil)
  • 29'  -  Sami Khedira       (Germany 5  -  0 Brazil)
  • 69'  -  André Schürrle     (Germany 6  -  0 Brazil)
  • 79'  -  André Schürrle     (Germany 7  -  0 Brazil)
  • 90'  -  Oscar                  (Germany 7  -  1 Brazil)

This brought an end to the impressive 62 home-match unbeaten run in competitive matches in 39 years. The last time Brazil had lost at home was in 1975, in the Copa Americana semi final. They lost by 1-3 to Peru. Another record was broken. Miroslav Klose, Germany, scored the second goal of the match to reach 16 goals and become the World Cup all-time record goal scorer, a title held previously by the legend Brazilian, Ronaldo.

That’s not all with record-breaking on this memorable day. Germany surpassed Brazil’s 221 goals to reach 223 goals and become the team with most goals scored in the World Cup tournament. The four speedy goals were the fastest in World Cup history. Surely, the Germans were ruthless in their quest.

As The Host Country

Previously, no host country had suffered such loss in the World Cup. Keeping in mind that Brazil is the only team to have played in every World Cup this could not have got any worse. On a side note, there are much more humiliating score-lines in history of the World Cup, but not at the Semi Finals.

Among the World Cup winners, Brazil was looking to better their record of five times world champions while Germany were seeking to add on their three stars. This was one decisive match for each team, only that the superb Germans were too good for the prolific Brazilians.