Premier League top 10 goal scorers of all time

Premier League is one of the fascinating clubs in the world. Many footballers who have gone through it have been able to have fun especially when playing. However, some players have stood as all-time leading scorers. Here is a list of Premier League Top 10 goal scorers of all time:

Robin Van Persie10.) Robin van Persie

Goals: 144
Country: Netherlands
Years active: 2000 - present

Robin van Persie or just van persie is a Dutch footballer playing as a striker now for Netherlands national team and Süper Lig club Fenerbahçe. He is recognized as among the best football strikers of current generation. He has played for Arsenal and Manchester United. He scored 144 goals during his career. He started football from 1997 in his youth career and played senior until today.

Teddy Sheringham9.) Teddy Sheringham

Goals: 146
Country: England
Years active: 1983 - 2008

Edward Paul Sheringham or "Teddy" Sheringham is a retired English football manager who played for clubs such as West Ham, Manchester United, and Swansea city. He is currently working a player-manager. Sheringham did play as a forward during 24-year career as a professional footballer. He played from 1983 to 2008. He scored a total of 146 goals during his career making him among the top scorers.

Les Ferdinand premier league8.) Les Ferdinand

Goals: 149
Country: England
Years active: 1986 - 2006

Leslie "Les" Ferdinand is a retired English footballer who is currently coach and Director of Queens Park Rangers. He started his career in 1983 to 1995 before retiring. During his time, he scored 149 goals making him among the top scorers. He played for QPR during his football time. He played for other clubs such as Manchester united.

Michael Owen premier league7.) Michael Owen

Goals: 150
Country: England
Years active: 1996 - 2013

Michael James Owen commonly known as Michael Owen is a retired English footballer In EPL who played as a forward for Liverpool, Newcastle United, Real Madrid, Stoke City and Manchester United. He also played for England national team. During his time, he scored 150 goals making him among the top rated footballers in the English Premier league. He has active from the year 1997 and the year 2008 when retired from football.

Robbie Fowler premier league6.) Robbie Fowler

Goals: 163
Country: England
Years active: 1993 - 2012

Robert Bernard "Robbie" Fowler or "Robbie" Fowler is a former English professional footballer who played as a forward from the year 1993 to 2012 for Liverpool club. Many people know him for his natural scoring ability with the instinctive goal-poaching capability. During his time, he scored 163 goals in the EPL. He played for Liverpool in his entire career. He is now a retired footballer.

Thierry Henry premier league5.) Thierry Henry

Goals: 175
Country: France
Years active: 1994 - 2012

Thierry Daniel Henry commonly known as “Thierry Henry” is a retired French footballer who was playing as a forward. During his time, he played for Juventus, Monaco, Barcelona, and New York Red Bulls. He also played for eight years with Arsenal making him the club's all-time record goal scorer. During his time with Arsenal, he scored 175 goals. His active time was from 2000 to the year 2008. Since he retired, he has joined to be the among the football critics of the current footballers.

Frank Lampard premier league4.) Frank Lampard

Goals: 177
Country: England
Years active: 1995 - present

Frank James Lampard is one highly rated English professional footballer playing in USA after playing for Chelsea for more than a year. He is currently playing as a midfielder for the club New York City FC. During his active in Chelsea, he scored 177 making him the fourth all-time scorer. He active from the years 2000 to the 2015.

Andrew Cole premier league3.) Andrew Cole

Goals: 187
Country: England
Years active: 1989 - 2008

Andrew Alexander Cole commonly known as "Andy" Cole is a former professional footballer in English Premier League. He played as a striker from the year 1988 to 2008. He played for Manchester United club during his term. During his career time, he scored a total of 187 goals making him the number three on the list. He made 632 appearances for the Manchester United club.

Wayne Rooney premier league2.) Wayne Rooney

Goals: 188
Country: England
Years active: 2002 - present

Wayne Mark Rooney commonly known as Rooney is an English professional footballer playing for Manchester United and England national team. He captains both teams. He plays mainly as a forward, but he occasionally as a midfield player. He has scored a total of 188. He started playing the year 2002 and still active until today.

Alan Shearer premier league1.) Alan Shearer

Goals: 260
Country: England
Years active: 1988 - 2006

Alan Shearer OBE or DL is an English Premier League retired footballer. During his active times, he played as a top striker for Southampton, Newcastle United, Blackburn Rovers, and even for England national team. During his time, he scored 260 goals in the 666 appearances. This makes him one of the celebrated premier League goal scorers in the history. He retired from football in the year 2006 after over 20 years in the career. He was active from 1988 to 2006.