Soccer Goal Dimensions

Check out the official goal measurements for the different football variants and age groups.

The official soccer goal dimensions are 8 feet tall by 24 feet wide

A regulation football goal measures 8 feet high and 24 feet wide (2.44 x 7.32 meters). This measurement is stated in the first of FIFA's 17 Laws of the Game. Young footballers start playing with this goal dimension at the age of 13.

Kids below 13 (A) use different measurements so the goal size is proportionate to their level of play. Other forms of football (B) also have their specific dimensions for a goal.


A. Kids’ & youth soccer goal size

There is no universal goal size for each soccer age group as variations exist by country. Below are the ranges of goal dimensions for different ages.

  • U-6/U-7: Footballers below seven years old play with a goal size between 4.5ft by 9ft and 6.5ft by 12ft
  • U-8: The goal dimensions for soccer players under 8 years old range from 4.5ft by 9ft to 6.5ft by 12ft.  
  • U-9: Kid footballers below 9 years of age play with goal measurements from 6.5ft by 12ft to 6.5ft by 18.5ft.
  • U-10: Young soccer players below ten years old have their goal dimensions from 6.5ft by 18.5ft to 7ft by 21ft.
  • U-11: The football goal size for kid players below 11 years old start from 6.5ft by 18.5ft to 8ft by 24ft.
  • U-12: The height and width for goals used by kids below 12 years old are 7ft by 21ft and 8ft by 24ft.

B. Goal sizes for other forms of football The height of a five-a-side goal is much shorter than a regulation goal

Goal dimensions also vary according to the type of football being played.

  • Five-a-side football: A common rule in five-on-five soccer is that the ball should not go over the head of players so the goal height is low. The typical goal dimension for this variant of football is 4ft by 6ft.
  • Beach soccer: Goalkeepers in beach soccer have difficulty covering a wide range in a short time because of the sand. Therefore, the goal is slightly narrower. The official goal size for beach soccer games is 7ft by 18ft.
  • Futsal: The futsal goal has exactly the same size as the handball goal. Its official measurement is 6ft-6in by 10ft.
  • Indoor soccer: Indoor soccer is played on a larger field than futsal so it consequently has a wider goal. The official dimension for an indoor soccer goal is 6ft-6in by 12ft.